A Typical S.T.A.R. Day A Typical S.T.A.R. Day
A Typical S.T.A.R. Day A Typical S.T.A.R. Day
A Typical S.T.A.R. Day
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A Typical S.T.A.R. Day

The following is an example of what may occur during a typical day at a S.T.A.R. facility. Realize that each S.T.A.R. Program is slightly different in order to better address the needs of each individual community.
  • 5:00am S.T.A.R. Instructor arrives at facility (located on school campus) to prepare for student's arrival.
  • 5:30am S.T.A.R. Students report to the facility and begin the morning routine. Physical training and military-style marching are often performed.
  • 7:45am Students shower, eat breakfast and report to their regular school classes. S.T.A.R. Students wear a uniform consisting of a sweat suit which identifies them as S.T.A.R. Students.
  • 8-11:30am S.T.A..R. Instructors patrol school halls supervising students, responding to disturbances and enforcing school policies.
  • 12-12:45pm Instructors gather students and eat lunch with them.
  • 1-3:00pm Instructors again patrol halls and prepare for afternoon activities.
  • 3-6:30pm Students report to S.T.A.R. facility for study hall and counseling. Each student presents an "assignment sheet" with teachers notes on behavior and homework assignments to the Instructors. All homework is completed during afternoon study hall.
  • 6:30pm Students are released to their parents to go home.
Instructor With StudentInstructors perform phone checks and home visits with the students throughout the week. Community service is often performed on Saturdays.

The day described above is thirteen hours long; notice that eleven of those hours is spent on education. Education is an important component of the S.T.A.R. program.

". . . great juvenile program. I am very pleased with the results."--The Honorable William McIntosh, Juvenile Court Judge, Colquitt County, Georgia

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