Juvenile Disciplinary Programs Juvenile Disciplinary Programs
Juvenile Disciplinary Programs Juvenile Disciplinary Programs
Juvenile Disciplinary Programs
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Juvenile Disciplinary Programs

Juvenile Disciplinary ProgramsDoes your school or community:
  • face challenges on how to deal with juvenile crime and discipline?
  • find that suspending or expelling students from school is ineffective?
  • find that detaining or incarcerating juvenile offenders just isn't working?
  • need a solution to to the rising cost of juvenile detention?
The Student Transition and Recovery Program may be the solution your school or community needs.

Boot Camp Alternatives

"The best school discipline program I have ever seen in my thirty-five years of association with public schools."--Nathan Brown, Principal, C.A. Gray Middle School, Moultrie, Georgia

S.T.A.R. Programs, Inc. is a company that licenses, implements and maintains a unique disciplinary program for schools and juvenile courts interested in a proven, cost-effective alternative to the incarceration, suspension or expulsion of at-risk youth. Where currently implemented, S.T.A.R. has drastically reduced juvenile offenses and referrals to the office for disciplinary problems; all while improving academic performance. These results are realized at a cost much less than traditional methods of treating youthful offenders or less effective "boot camp" programs.

S.T.A.R. Programs, Inc. BBB Business Review
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